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Welcome to Prestige Panel Solution. A canadian polyisocyanurate Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) manufacturer

Based in Victoriaville (Quebec, Canada), Prestige Panel Solution inc. has been manufacturing Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) since September 2005. The expertise gained over the years allows us to offer a product to at the cutting edge of technology in the field of construction material.

Following an approach that emphasizes energy efficiency and innovative technology, Prestige Panel Solution Inc. strives to meet the needs of present and future generations.

"An innovative solution for an ever changing world."

René Brun,
"We are pleased to welcome you on our website. We are an established Canadian SIP panel manufacturing company that stands out for its audacity and our pride at being tuned in to our customer’s needs. The collaboration and experience gained from customers, builders, professionals and experts around the world are continually assisting us to improve in order to become the world leader in this industry. This allows us to grow and evolve through this need of changes in construction. Our goal is to be amongst the precursors of this great technology. It will be our pleasure to welcome you as our valued partner or customer. The entire Team of Prestige Panel is honored to help and advice you for any of your construction’s needs."


Prestige Panel was founded in September 2005. After years invested in research and development to set new levels of construction technology, Prestige Panel reached a solid expertise in the SIP industry in Eastern Canada.


Prestige Panel is the most eco-energetic, cost efficient, fastest and easiest construction technology available on the market. Distinctively of these structural insulated panels is their insulating capability far more powerful than any conventional building material. The Polyisocyanurate rigid foam developed and used by Prestige Panel, also known as Polyiso or PIR, is essentially an improved formulation of polyurethane foam (PUR or Polyurethane).

The Polyiso foam of Prestige Panel is considered as the most efficient insulation material available on the market. This gives Prestige Panel a significant advantage compared to other insulated construction materials such as Rock Wool or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) also available in the construction market.

Sustainable housing, the solution of greenhouse effects, is Prestige Panel’s contribution to the world’s new emphasis on ecological and sustainable design. Therefore construction using Polyiso insulation reduce up to 60% for combined heating and air conditioning energy consumption, enabling substantial savings in operating cost, maintenance or longer lasting of appliances.


At Prestige Panel, we recognize that climate change and rapid growth of urbanization are changing the face of the planet. We are aware that every step, big or small, we each take in an eco-friendly direction can indeed change the course of the future. We want to play a role in managing these issues by developing and distributing an eco-energetic product throughout the world.
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