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A Novoclimat construction with structural insulated panels

Novoclimat is a new home program, offered by the Quebec Government, available to consumers interested in buying a home with a high energy efficiency rating. In addition to improving by a minimum of 25% the energy efficiency of buildings, the Novoclimat® program encourages the home construction industry to continually improve its building techniques.

Structural insulated panels go hand in hand with the Novoclimat philosophy. In fact, all other things being equal, a house build with SIP panels will surpass the Novoclimat standards.

Novoclimat results of a construction with Prestige Panel™ SIPs

Construction Gilles Germain is not only a builder using our panels but also a true partner in the development of our products. Here's the blower test result of one their project as part of its Novoclimat evaluation.

The blower door test is part of the energy evaluation. What is a blower test? It is an instrumented test that verifies the air tightness of the house, which is the amount of cold air that enters the home. The results show an amount of 0.45 CAH50 (air change per hour at a pressure difference of 50 Pa. between the interior and exterior of the house).

A typical Canadian house will normally rate over 4 CAH50 while Novoclimat standards only permits a maximum of 2.5 CAH:50.

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