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Technology Transfer


In 2007, efforts to develop the potential export market were explored in Bulgaria, Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) and Venezuela.

Our first Transfer of Technology was experienced in 2008 in Sliven, Bulgaria. Unfortunately the financial crises that took place in 2008, led to weak market prognostics in the following year, the production were interrupted after a few months in autumn 2009.

During these efforts for Transfer of Technology in International markets, the head office in Switzerland was created in spring 2009 under the legal entity Prestige Panel International. From there, a team handles marketing International sales and develop potential Technology Transfer through licensing.

The following years, the national market was explored in parallel with transfer of technology. Some show case constructions were completed in Venezuela, Guinea Equatorial, Iraq, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Colombia and Nicaragua.

In 2011, Prestige Panel doubled its sales, but the discontinuous production line and capacities were toped at 30’000 m2 per year. The new challenge of increasing our production capacity was necessary. At that moment, the design of a continuous production line for SIP’s was Prestige Panel’s ultimate goal.

Work on the new production line started in late 2013 and installation began in 2015. With this new production line, ready in spring 2016, capacities will be increased up to 500’000 m2 per year, with an 8 hours shift per day, allowing Prestige Panel to quote for major projects.


To explore new markets, the strategy of Transfer of Technology with Primary, Partnering and Strategic Investors in collaboration with DCAN ITC allows working with a method of technological and know-how transfer. All steps of the Technology Transfer are supported by CEMEA, an efficient system, to establish new production plants with the Prestige Panel technology.

In North America, SIP construction became an accepted and even sought after construction solution where LEED and Green Building Solutions are emerging as the new construction guideline.

The production line in operation in Victoriaville by Prestige Panel Solution Inc is providing accessible markets delivered by truck within 1500km surrounding the factory in Eastern Canada and North East of the US Market (New England).

A second plant is planned is to be installed in the State of Georgia to supply the South Eastern market in 2017.

Bail-outs or additional production lines are planned in one of the states of Nevada, Arizona or California to supply the South Western US market.

A production plant in the area of Wisconsin would be completed in the future to cover the market in Mid-West and Western Provinces of Canada.

Further market expansions are planned in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, India (Sri-Lanka) and Colombia (South America) where discussion with potential operators are ongoing.

Prestige Panel SIP International Market Development

International Market :

For information regarding housing projects, joint venture opportunities, distributing or manufacturing under Prestige Panel's license you can reach René Brun at :

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