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An "EnerGuide" construction with Prestige Panel™

An EnerGuide rating shows a standard measure of your home's energy performance. It shows you (and future buyers) exactly how energy efficient your home is. The rating is calculated based on standard operation assumptions so that you can compare the energy performance of one house against another.

The home's energy efficiency level is rated on a scale of 0 to 100. A rating of 0 represents a home with major air leakage, no insulation and extremely high energy consumption. A rating of 100 represents a house that is airtight, well insulated, sufficiently ventilated and requires no purchased energy on an annual basis.

Energuide rating results with Prestige Panel™ SIPs

Here's the resulting Energuide rating of Construction Gilles Germain's realization with Prestige Panels...

What is the EnerGuide rating?

The EnerGuide rating is based on normal occupancy conditions standardized across Canada. It allows you to compare the performance of one residence with that of other residences of similar size in the same region.

The table below shows how to find the EnerGuide rating of your home based on its characteristics.

EnerGuide Rating House Characteristics
0 to 50 Older, unrenovated home
51 to 65 Older, renovated home
66 to 74 Older home with energy savings retrofit, or new standard home
75 to 79 New energy efficient home
80 to 90 New, high energy performance home
91 to 100 Home that requires little or no energy purchases

A new Novoclimat® home must have a minimum performance rating of 78. For a new R-2000 home, the minimum rating is 80.

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